Annelyse Chaboisseau


For more than 20 years, Annelyse has helped Aitken Lawyers’ clients through the difficult and stressful task of working through probate issues from deceased estates.

Annelyse understands the complexities involved in intergenerational legacies and with the support of the firm’s commercial team’s expertise sorts through matters involving property exemptions for land tax, the effects of capital gains tax on shares and the effect of tax on trusts while accurately indentifying the assets and liabilities of an estate.

Annelyse strives constantly to get the best results for her clients preparing documents for – and the collection of assets after – Grant of Probate as well as liaising with accountants, financial advisors, brokers and Reseals of Probate from estates in the United Kingdom.

Annelyse takes a thorough and detailed approach to probate issues, including information in a deceased’s memorandum of wishes which is absolutely essential to the proper distribution of an estate to beneficiaries as intended.


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