Walter MacCallum


Walter MacCallum is a Director at Aitken Lawyers, where he has led the litigation team since the firm began.

Walter has 16 years of extensive experience in commercial litigation in all court jurisdictions, acting for, and advising, individual clients, family enterprises, start-ups and commercial operations that range from small-to-medium enterprises to large corporations, including not-for-profits.

Walter is the active force behind the firm’s litigation team, whose work is principally based on the understanding that there are often no winners in lengthy contested litigation and early resolutions are often preferable. To this end, Walter’s demonstrated expertise as a tough negotiator has won his clients results that are often only possible outside court processes.

Walter’s grasp of the realities of commercial life – and the dedication of his team to finer details – minimises costs for his clients, in all manner of complex disputes, ranging from contractual disputes to insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, to litigation over wills and estates and franchise disputes and the all important recovery of debts to preserve cash flow.

Outside of litigation, Walter’s an experienced employment lawyer well-placed to deliver effective solutions for employers and employees on drafting and negotiating employment agreements, policy and procedures, share/option plans and bonus plans.

Through it all, Walter maintains an intrinsically personal relationship with all his clients and a thorough understanding of the issues they face, which sees him regularly in the news media as a commentator on issues involving commercial law and employment matters.

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