Business & Commercial Law

Aitken Lawyers prides itself as offering expertise and solutions for commercial transactions, business issues and company advice. With extensive corporate and commercial transaction experience, we assist our clients to achieve and sustain business growth and add maximum value to their businesses. We build strong relationships with our clients to fully understand your business, so we can use our expertise to provide commercially driven solutions and outcomes. Our years of experience partnering with business at various stages of development means we understand the challenges and the obstacles in effecting a transaction and we are able to advise on your merger, sale, acquisition or disposal for risk management and governance and project manage the taxation issues.

Business & Commercial Law Services

Aitken Lawyers has expertise in providing solutions on:

(a) asset protection
(b) competition issues and franchising
(c) complex commercial agreements and long-term supply agreements
(d) Corporations Act compliance and corporate governance
(e) employee share and option schemes
(f) joint ventures, partnerships and co-ownership structures
(g) mergers, acquisitions and divestments
(h) personal property securities
(i) privacy and data protection
(j) private and public fundraising and IPO’s
(k) restructures
(l) Shareholders’ and unit holders’ agreements
(m) trademarks and intellectual property
(n) venture capital and private equity

We ensure you have a commercially effective agreement which results in the development of a positive business relationship between you and your customers and suppliers, whilst protecting your interests if you get into a dispute.
Our focus is on making sure agreements work in the real world – clearly setting out the roles and responsibility of each party, and dealing with regulatory issues with a view of providing as much protection for future issues and risks.
As specialists in business & commercial law we can advise on a range of agreements, from on-line terms and conditions of sale through to complex logistic, joint venture and distribution agreements.

Our business & commercial lawyers have valuable experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions of small to medium sized businesses. We have successfully assisted in negotiating and implementing business acquisitions in a number of industries.
Our approach to M&A, at every stage of a transaction is to maximise value for our clients. We are involved in transactions including:
1. business mergers, sales and acquisitions including share acquisitions and scrip for scrip transactions
2. restructures for asset protection, business growth and development or to facilitate an exit strategy
3. tax driven structuring, tax roll-overs and transactional tax advice, and
4. business structures including joint ventures, partnerships and trusts.


As specialists in business & commercial law we are able to provide you with the commercial and legal advice necessary for successful completion in seeking to raise capital by way of debt finance, investor finance, venture capital, private equity funding, or making an offer to the public Whether it be an initial public offering, private placement, rights issues, back door listing, debt funding arrangements, secured/unsecured or convertible notes arrangements or managed investment schemes we will be able to provide the right approach and solution for your business.


Risks continue to prevail to assets generated in business life and personal life, and there is a real need to divide these spheres to manage risk. Asset protection consists of legal devices and strategies to protect personal wealth and assets from actions by creditors that arise from business activities. Aitken Lawyers have extensive experience in commercial law and as such we are able to advise on effective structures and mechanisms such as licensing and escrow arrangements, trust arrangements, corporate structures, the utilisation of agents and various other devices depending on your own individual and businesses situation.


Making a choice on which structure to use for your business involves weighing up the various laws, regulatory and control issues for each structure. Aitken Lawyers can assist you in deciding whether a partnership, corporation, joint venture, trust or sole trade structure is best suited for your business objectives. Once a structure is selected, we can then assist in putting an effective agreement into place. Whether in the form of a Shareholder Agreement, Unit Holder Agreement, Trust Deed, Joint Venture or Partnership Agreement, we aim to draft a document which takes into account the personal and corporate interests of all stakeholders, and appropriately regulates the rights and obligations of all parties so that your business can grow effectively. As specialists in business & commercial law we work closely with your financial and business advisors to ensure the most commercially effective outcome for you.