Family Law

Are you separating from your spouse or experiencing property issues arising from a separation? Are you having issues surrounding child custody? Aitken Lawyers is highly experienced in family law and is here to help.

Aitken Lawyers and Family Law

Our family law team is experienced in areas such as property separation, parenting orders, binding financial agreements, prenuptial and separation agreements, spousal and children’s maintenance and de facto relationship law.

Our Experience is Your Peace of Mind

Aitken Lawyers has built a solid history and reputation on understanding the unique needs of our clients and offering them a highly personalised service.

Our primary approach is to resolve disputes without the need for legal proceedings. We do this through round table conferences and mediations.  Our team is skilled and knowledgeable in negotiation.

If a negotiation cannot be settled upon through these channels, our dedicated family law team is well-equipped to represent your case in the Family Law Court, Federal Circuit Court and Local Courts.

Rely on a family law team for representation you can trust.