Renewable Energy Projects



There is something to be said for strength in numbers.


Never has this adage been better tested and proven than in our negotiations with a wind farm developer on behalf of a group of landowners in the North West of New South Wales.


By uniting, landowners strengthened their negotiating power with the wind farm developer to achieve more favourable rental income and overall protecting terms for all.


With our detailed knowledge of wind farm arrangements, we aggressively negotiated the position of the group, as well as unique provisions for each landowner depending on their land and business requirements.


The developer recently exercised options for long term leases resulting in the construction of the wind farm to commence shortly.


Strengthen your position with developers with our experienced advice (having acted for landowner groups across many windfarms and solar farms), share in the costs of the negotiations with a group and find yourself in a more advantageous position.


For assistance with any renewable energy farm, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Aitken and Julian Peters.