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2018 in Review

This year Aitken Lawyers defined who we are and what we want to be. We came up with one core vision and value – to provide exceptional client service. We have been determined to provide you with smarter, better, faster service and this can only get better in 2019 with...

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Let them eat cake

Staff in the Spotlight - Lauren Maddalena Lauren is our resident paralegal in the Family Law Team. We often get asked – what exactly is a paralegal? Paralegals are a lot like paramedics. Paramedics have a wealth of medical knowledge and can administer certain types of...

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Choosing the Right Executor

Choosing the right executor  isn't necessarily difficult but in this blog we've put together some tips to make it easier. An executor is a person appointed under a Will to administer the willmaker’s estate. The willmaker’s appointment is ratified by a grant of probate...

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