Camille understands that estate planning requires both technical proficiency and client relationship skills.  Camille has expertise in tailored estate planning strategies and structures that strive to balance each client’s unique challenges with their wishes in life, death, retirement and possible loss of capacity.

Staff in the Spotlight – Lauren Maddalena

Lauren is our resident paralegal in the Family Law Team. We often get asked – what exactly is a paralegal? Paralegals are a lot like paramedics. Paramedics have a wealth of medical knowledge and can administer certain types of medicine without the need for a doctor. Good paralegals can perform cost-efficient work on matters without the need for a solicitor. Great paralegals have a wealth of legal knowledge and can operate like junior solicitors (without the law degree) and even run their own matters. Lauren is a great paralegal and often assists with running matters where we are appointed as an Independent Children’s Lawyer.

Lauren has completed a diploma in Business Legal Services and has over 11 years of experience in the legal industry as a secretary and paralegal, working primarily in litigation based areas of law. You may think that makes her a dogged character but it is rather the opposite. This cross stitching, sausage dog loving, Betty Crocker is one of the bubbliest in the office and often brings in cupcakes for the staff.

Nothing warms the cockles of her heart quite like the relationships she forms with her clients (except perhaps for one of her cake creations). She finds great satisfaction in advocating for children and refocusing family law matters on what is in the child’s best interest and helping a family move on from the ordeal of a divorce and build towards a new future.

Lauren has travelled all around the world but her favourite countries remain Kenya and South Africa. Nothing quite compares to an “out of Africa” experience and she looks forward to going back.