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The last 10 years in Australia has seen significant changes in employment law, for both employers and employees. Make sure you are covered. Call Aitken Lawyers today.

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The last 10 years in Australia has seen significant changes in employment law, for both employers and employees. Changes in Government seem to bring about more significant changes in the future if the current media is any guide. When the law is in such a state of flux it is even more important that you get the right advice. This is even more so with the ever present influence of social media in our lives, and there are many traps and pitfalls for employers and employees alike in this area alone. For employers, often the second biggest expense in any business and a constant cause of stress for small business in particular, is getting the right employees, maintaining their productivity and, if and when the occasion arises, terminating those employees according and adhering to employment law. This can be critical to your cash flow, productivity and the all important culture of any business. Get it wrong and there can be dramatic consequences.

Our Expertise

At Aitken Lawyers, Walter MacCallum has the extensive experience both as a litigator and a negotiator in employment. From the Fair Work Commission to the Human Rights Commission, up to the Federal Court, Walter has represented both employers and employees, and understands both sides of the coin. The areas in which we have significant experience and skill including:

• Unfair dismissal and adverse actions

• Bullying and discrimination

• Advice on employment law, negotiation on employment contracts and executive service agreements

• Deeds of settlement and release

• Preparation and advice on internal policies and procedures

• Restraints of trade

The Process

Walter MacCallum and his team are able to assist you in your employment needs, applying sound strategic analysis with common sense. Employment disputes and tensions that arise during the negotiation of employment contracts can be extremely stressful for employees and a shackle on productivity for business owners. For more information about our corporate services see Business and Corporate LawAt Aitken Lawyers, we are specialised in employment law and we can take the stress out of the process for you, and provide you with prudent and timely advice, call the team today on 02 8987 0000.

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