As one of the fastest growing industries over the last 20 years, franchising has cemented itself in the Australian landscape. We can assist you with all the legal aspects of your franchise.



As one of the fastest growing industries over the last 20 years, franchising has cemented itself in the Australian landscape as a way of doing business.  From professional services to fast food, to lawn mowing, the opportunities for franchising abound.  If you are considering this direction you need to speak with  franchising lawyers who are specialists in the field. We have more than 30 years experience as Franchising Lawyers in Sydney.

Is Franchising right for you ?

Choosing to set up a franchise network or buy into a franchise is a serious and significant choice.  For franchisors it often represents a shift from running a business providing goods or services to running a franchise and the shift in corporate mindset is sometimes underestimated.  For franchisees, the decision to buy a franchise often involves a complex weighing up of pros and cons of joining a network and the question that begs – what am I getting for my franchise fee.

Our Solutions

We are aware of the challenges that franchisors and franchisees face and can assist you through the process from start to finish in:

  • Franchise document preparation: – franchise agreements, disclosure documents and franchise manuals
  • Advice on how to set up your franchise business structurally
  • Franchise administration, systems, process and reporting
  • Representation before the ACCC and breaches of the Competition and Consumer Law
  • Review of franchise documentation and negotiation of terms
  • Breach notices and termination of franchise agreements
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution (including mediation)

The Process


Choosing Franchising Lawyers

We understand that these often difficult choices need careful consideration, and seasoned advice.  The team at Aitken Lawyers has been advising and representing franchisors and franchisees for more than 30 years and we recognise that it’s an area of constant statutory change and development.  No longer is it the case that franchisee’s sign the franchise agreement on a take it or leave it basis and competition and statutory changes has now enabled franchisees to be more confident in their negotiations with franchisors.

With a wealth of experience in franchise specific litigation, we have acted for franchisees and franchisors alike, issuing and responding to breach notices and representing clients in contested litigation and alternative dispute resolution (both private and under the Franchising Code of Conduct). Our experience in litigation provides our insight into your potential traps and pitfalls in franchising.

If you  are looking for Franchising Lawyers in Sydney or if you would like to find out more about how Aitken Lawyers can assist, please call Walter MacCallum on (02) 8987000 or email us with your enquiry.

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