Rural Law

Whether you are establishing a rural business and need assistance determining the right business structure. Or perhaps you are purchasing or selling a rural property, Aitken Lawyers can assist you.

Rural Law

Aitken Lawyers are experienced in most aspects of Rural Law.  Our numerous rural clients appreciate the fact that we are a boutique Sydney law firm that has much expertise in rural issues.

Whether you are establishing a rural business and need assistance determining the right business structure. Or perhaps you are purchasing, selling  or leasing a rural property, Aitken Lawyers can assist you.

Farm Succession Planning is a phrase that often generates fear for farming families. However, done well, rural business succession can benefit you and your family in life, on retirement and on your passing.

Having an ‘eye’ on the now and ‘half an eye’ on the future makes a good Estate Plan.  A better estate plan will take your current situation and balance your aspirations for you, your family and your business with mechanisms to achieve those aspirations.

Many rural clients aspire to provide for their children and grandchildren fairly.  However equality is often more difficult to achieve where you have children who work in your business and children who pursue other vocations. Aitken Lawyers can assist you to establish an Estate Plan and/or Business Succession Plan to achieve this outcome in any area fraught with obstacles. 

Our Solutions

If you need assistance establishing your Farm Estate Plan or your Farm Succession Plan talk to the Rural Law team at Aitken Lawyers. A well considered Rural Estate Plan or Farm Succession Plan can bring peace of mind not only for you but for your loved ones and family.

You may have been approached by developers wishing to establish a Wind Farm Lease or Solar Farm Lease.  If so there are a number of considerations that are important to be aware of.  In the initial stages developers will often try and ‘lock you down’. As a starting point make sure you have read our information on Wind Farm Leases and Solar Farm Leases and preferably talk to a lawyer in the Rural Law team before you commit.

The Process

Aitken Lawyers are experienced in Rural Law, call the team today on 02 8987 0000.

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