Aitken Lawyers can help you in a little way or an involved way as regards Trust Administration.

Trust Administration


Aitken Lawyers has been entrusted with the administration of Trusts for clients created during their lifetime (such as Discretionary Trust) and under Wills (such as Testamentary Trusts) for decades. Trust Administration is not something we take lightly, having been given this responsibility by clients.

In order to the best job possible, it is necessary to have a range of skills to ensure the provisions of the Trust Deed (or Will are adhered to), the philosophy and intention of the donor/settlor are honoured and relationships between family members and other beneficiaries are preserved.

Also, asset protection for beneficiaries of the current and future generations and the preservation of hard earned wealth built over time are vital goals to achieve. All of this requires a wide range of skills and the ability to balance competing interests with delicate hands and experience.

The Process

Aitken Lawyers can help you in a little way or an involved way as regards Trust Administration.  As we do for many clients and have done so for many clients in the past, dealing with family members and beneficiaries across multiple generations and these days sometimes living across the world.

There can be many reasons why you want us to help you, it may be because of age (either too young to be looked after or older and wanting to pass the burden and responsibility onto someone else), it could be geographical reasons as the beneficiaries may reside interstate or overseas, the absence of appropriate closer members of the family that have the time, ability or skills to do a job properly and sometimes beneficiaries suffering from disabilities.

Often we will help act jointly with family members to provide them ‘a helping hand’ and train up the next generation with the skills so that they can ‘sail off into the future’ by themselves.  We believe that an active role in educating beneficiaries, co-trustees and future trustees can be one of the most rewarding parts of trust administration for clients.

Whatever your trust administration needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are happy to customise the degree of involvement that you wish and can include mentoring roles and or family advisory counsel assistance across a range of entities that exist. For more information or for assistance with trust administration please contact Aitken Lawyers on 02 8987 0000.

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